About The Majestic Hair Flower

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Handcrafted Sacred Geometry for Your Hair

With its roots in antiquity, this beautiful hair adornment works to make a variety of pony tail and bun shapes. More than 20 different hairstyles are possible all together, simply by changing the shape. The Majestic Hair Flower moves, twists and turns.  With more than 60 shapes all together, more than 20 of those shapes will work in your hair. Or use it as a bracelet or other jewelry.  The Majestic Hair Flower even tells the story of the universe.

This remarkable piece of jewelry works on almost any hair.  And as quick and easy as you please. Your hair may be long, short, thick fine, curly, or straight it all works with the Hair Flower. The only requirement is that your hair be long enough to go into a ponytail holder.

You are the creator. You get to twist and turn this piece of jewelry into your own unique shapes!  Try it, it’s fun. Don’t worry, you will not break it. And even if you do, we will replace it for free.

History of Majestic Hair Flower

The Majestic Hair Flower is based on ageless sacred geometry.  This ancient design teaches how the universe works in our physical, mental, and emotional environment.  We trace the teaching of the hair flower in my lineage to ancient Mayan culture, however the design has been found on tablets in the archeological digs of the Indus Valley of India.

We took this ancient, powerful design, finished it off in jewelry quality and made it into a piece of jewelry that will work in a woman’s hair in multiple ways.  Every Majestic Hair Flower is handcrafted by us.

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